Blepharoplasty - Cosmetic Surgery For The Eyes

Health and beauty is something which all people care a lot for nowadays. People are ready to do anything for their health and beauty. Plastic surgery is an option for which many people attempt to for increasing their beauty. Plastic surgery is a good option for those who want to remove their permanent tattoos, scars from their face or body, upliftment of their eyebrows, removing dark circles etc. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which is aimed at increasing the beauty of the eye. Sometimes Blepharoplasty is also done along with eye brow uplifting for the patient. Most people are unaware of the advantages and disadvantages of doing Blepharoplasty. The first step in Blepharoplasty is to select a right dermatology surgeon who is capable of giving the right advice for the surgery.

The success of Blepharoplasty mainly depends on the strong bond between the doctor and the patient. The surgeon must be capable enough to make the patient understand the advantages and the possible side effects of the process. There are usually two approaches which surgeons take in Blepharoplasty. In the first approach excess skin is removed from the upper and lower eyelids along with fat deposits from under the eye. In the second approach less skin is removed from the eye lids and it is used to remove dark circles from under the eye. The sutures used to cover up the incisions can be removed after five days of surgery. The swelling and the discomfort faced by the patients will be completely erased by two weeks time. In this time the patient can use cold compress to ease the discomfort.

In certain cases the patients may face certain side effects like bleeding in the sockets and tightening of the eye lids. This may be due to the excess removal of the fat deposits from under the eye during the surgery. An experienced surgeon takes good care to avoid such complication. Even if this occurs this can be corrected by series of other treatments. An experienced surgeon is a very important requirement in blepharoplasty due to this reason. Latest laser treatment is also available which has lesser complications like bleeding and swelling. Non Invasive radioactive treatments are also available which are very effective in uplifting the eyelids in just a single treatment.

Selecting the right surgeon is very important. Before finalizing on the surgeon doing the operation certain aspects have to be cleared. Check whether the surgeon is experienced in this field, check whether the certificates offered by the surgeon are legal and registered under the dermatology department. Check the doctor's previous history when he had done Blepharoplasty for other patients. Some of the doctors specialize in certain technology and technique; make sure the surgeon approached by the person has been specialized in Blepharoplasty. The surgeon must be able to answer all the queries of the patient and provide the patient with a satisfactory answer. The medical test conducted by the doctor before the treatment must be efficient enough to conduct the surgery without any inhibitions.