Increasing Facial Beauty Through Blepharoplastic Surgery

Facial beauty is something to which both men and women pay a lot of attention. Earlier men were less concerned regarding their facial beauty but with time both men and women have become equally conscious regarding their beauty. Plastic surgery is a new means of increasing the facial beauty, though bit costly at present it is an ideal way to remove those scars or marks on the face. Many people are resorting to plastic surgery especially those wanting to fight the sign of ageing becoming evident on their face. Plastic surgery is not just costly but requires the guidance and supervision of an experienced surgeon. Blepharoplastic Surgery is a form of plastic surgery done on the eye lids.

Blepharoplastic Surgery can successfully restore the youthful appearance to the eye area. They can be effective in removing those loose tissues under the eye and also lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Usually Blepharoplastic Surgery is concerned only with the area of the eye, but in some cases different methods are combined to do other parts of the face along with it. Usually eye brow lifting is done along with Blepharoplastic Surgery. Consulting an experienced dermatological surgeon is very important because a wrong step in the surgical process can result in a lifelong facial deformation. Most of the high specialty cosmetology clinics have dermatology surgeons who can give a very good advice as to the steps to be followed for Blepharoplastic Surgery.

Blepharoplastic Surgery has different approaches depending on the condition of the patient. One of the approaches include removing the excess skin from upper and lower eye lids along with the fat pad underlying the skin. This procedure for surgery can be performed by providing a local anesthesia to the patient and takes just about 2 hours. If the patient has a lot of underlying fat and dark circle surrounding the eye another Blepharoplastic Surgery approach is used. Here less skin is removed in the process but visible scars and dark circles are removed. Blepharoplastic Surgery can be also performed by means of using a laser instrument. This reduces the chances of swelling and bleeding during operation. Laser treatment has been found effective in reducing the wrinkles under the eye.

An alternative treatment for Blepharoplastic Surgery is also available. The non invasive radio frequency treatment requires no time for recovery or post procedure downtime. They also have the advantage that they can raise the upper and lower eyelids with minimum complications and in a single treatment. The stitches given at the time of operation can be removed after five days from the day of operation. The common swelling and discomfort from the operation can be eased by cold compress and marks will disappear by two weeks time.

Certain complications like too much removing of the skin or fat deposits from under the eye can always result in a too tight or uneven appearance. This will often require another set of surgeries. In certain worst cases bleeding can also occur in the sockets. To avoid such complication consult an experienced dermatology surgeon who is experienced in this field. Clarify all the doubts and fears one has in their mind regarding the operation with the surgeon. This can always reduce the chances of complication later.