Is Blepharoplasty The Right Choice For Eyes?

Plastic surgery has been the choice of many to improve their facial beauty. Many people of the young and old generation go for plastic surgery to remove scars, tattoos or signs of ageing. Plastic surgery is costly and has many painful procedures. Even then many people opt for plastic surgery because they get very effective results with very less side effects. Blepharoplasty is a form of plastic surgery done mainly for removing the dark circles around the eye, lifting of the eye lids and removing the fat deposits from under the eye. Sometimes these procedures are done along with some other methods like eye brow lifting. Blepharoplasty has to be done by only a surgeon experienced in this field else it can create complications.

Blepharoplasty has two approaches for their operations. This mainly depends on the condition of the patient. In the first approach excess skin is removed from the eyelids and the fat pads from under the eye is removed by making an incision. This incision will be sutured after the operation. In the second operation very less skin is removed from the eye lids and is done to remove dark circles and protruding fat deposits. In both cases local anesthesia is given to the patient. There will be some swelling and discomfort for the patient after the surgery but it can be reduced by cold compress done using ice packs. The stitches will be taken after five days of the operation. Laser treatment is also available which has fewer complications like bleeding and swelling. But laser surgery must be done only by a doctor specialized in the field.

Non invasive radioactive treatments are also available for patients. This method is used for uplifting the eye lids; it has the greatest advantage that the treatment requires only one sitting. Blepharoplasty has many disadvantages like bleeding in the sockets and tightening of the eye lids. This can happen if during course of the surgery more fat was removed from under the eyelids. Hence it is a must that all the required medical checkups are done before the surgery so that the surgeon can know the medical condition of the patient. All these are possible only if the dermatology surgeon the person is approaching is well experienced in the field.

The surgeon the person is selecting for Blepharoplasty must be well experienced in the field. He must be in possession of a valid license registered under the board of dermatology. He must be able to determine the correct treatment for the patient. The surgeon must be able to make the patient understand the side effects of the process which can occur after the surgery. The surgeon must be able to provide the patient with a pre surgical and post operative instructions. The patient is required to follow these instructions correctly for gaining the best results from Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is useful in erasing many signs of ageing like drooping eye lids and dark circles. In some cases the large fat deposits can be the reason for vision loss also. These can be avoided by Blepharoplasty.